Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Animal Facts: Lazy Lions

Who doesn't like the mighty and supreme lion!? What magnificent beasts they are! 

Here are some interesting facts about lions!

-Lions are known as 'the king of the jungle' which invokes an image of a lion wearing a crown, huge paws pounding on the jungle floor as he snakes through vines and under the thick canopy of jungle foliage. But the truth is that it is impossible for lions to be the king of the jungle, because lions do not even live in the jungle! Lions live in grasslands where their sandy fur can blend in withe swaying blades of grass, color tan by the lack of water and the pouring of sunshine. At one point, lions did live places besides Africa, but never did they live in jungles. They once also prowled in Europe and Asia. There actually are still lions in one spot in Asia: a national park in India where the lions are protected.

-Lions have amazing voices and they also have amazing eyes. A lions roar can be heard five miles away. The mighty lion roar does not let distance confine it! The sound waves of the lion roar catapult out of them and blast five miles away, sending shivers of fear in any one in listening distance. The lion eye is equally intimidating. Anyone hoping to hide from the hungry eye of the lion in the cover of night will be sadly disappointed. Lions can see six times better in the dark than us humans with our measly eye sight. This is for two reasons. Their pupils have a special superpower which is a reflective coating that aids the lion's eyes in capturing more light streaming from the moon. Along with their practically magical pupils, they also have white fur underneath their eyes which also helps capture light.

- Lions really are lazy. Instead of spending time doing productive activities such as searching for food or exploring new territories, the lion prefers to sleep. They like to stretch out together. If they are lucky, they will find a nice shady spot. The sun will beam down around them, making the air warm and sticky and perfect for nap after nap. Lions spend around 16 to 24 hours a day napping. They are napping their lives away but they enjoy life this way. Probably, they have amazing lion dreams where they are flying in the starry sky or ruling over a kingdom of humans who do their bidding or casting magic spells. Or maybe they have dreams about simpler things such as an all you can eat zebra buffet.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019

Walking in San Francisco Part Six: Transportation

San Francisco is full of wondrous delights. Even the ordinary becomes extraordinary... ordinary things such as transportation! 

This awesome dude doesn't confine his transportation to the ordinary means such as cars or buses. He got himself a sweet pair of skates to zoom around the city. A bold move for a man living in a place known for it's hills. 

Another dude with a creative way to zip about the city. For whatever reason, segways never quite caught on and often are still derided. I think they are cool! Usually in Seattle, I only see tourists using them, but this guy looks like a local to me. He's just doing his thing on his segway. 

San Francisco is known for their adorable trolleys! Trolleys are just oozing with romantic possibilities. It is a perfect spot for a 'meet-cute.' A frazzled business man jumps on the trolley. It is a form of transportation he would normally never take, but he is late for his meeting and it is the only means to get there on time. A whimsical manic pixie dream girl is staring dreamily out the window....their eyes meet....and romance ensues. But not before lot's of mad cap adventures and misunderstandings! It's next years summer hit..."Love on the San Francisco Trolley."

A constructions worker has got get around the city too.

If this is a public bus, it is way cooler than any of the Seattle public buses. Or maybe I got sucked into a time warp back to the sixties. Next summers Sci Fi hit....she was an ordinary tourists photographing the streets of San Francisco when she noticed something strange. Everything looked different, antiquated, like it was the sixties! She was sucked back in time to the summer of love. A sixties bus stopped next to her. She had one choice, jump on the bus and have the 1960's adventure of her life, or stay put, hoping she'd be sucked back forward to her time. Find out in.... 'Time Warp and the San Francisco Bus.' 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Animal Facts: Pretty Penguins

Penguins, the dapper gents of the animal world! Who doesn't like a happy little shuffling man-bird-creature like a penguin!

Penguins aren't ordinary, that's for sure! Here are some interesting facts about penguins.

-While we think penguins coloring makes them look like waddling little gentlemen in suits, their coloring is an evolutionary strategy. When swimming through the sea, they blend into their surroundings. From above, they are disguised as just more dark sea water swirling around so sky predators don't notice them and descend into a frenzy of hunger. From below, sea predators are fooled by their white belly, which blends into the daylight streaming through the watery surface above.

-Penguins have rather strange food preferences. They sometimes eat rocks and pebbles. Perhaps a fine delicacy in the world of penguins. Scientists believe that penguins likely eat rocks and pebbles to aid in digestion or to help keep them buoyant while swimming.

-Penguins have something in common with one of human's most beloved animal companion, the dog. Just like our furry friends, penguins pant to release heat. Now if they also lick to show affection and are able to learn simple tricks like sit and shake, that would be extra impressive!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Walking in San Francisco Part Five: Faces

The city is full of faces!

Faces on People:

There are thousands upon thousands of different faces on the people of San Francisco. This mans face is just one of many. Each face tells their own story. What clues can we gain from this man's face? His hair is very short. Probably he is the no nonsense type who doesn't want to fuss around with something such as hair. He likes short hair because you can just roll out of bed and presto!, you're ready to go. He is wearing sunglasses despite it being overcast and dreary. Maybe he has very sensitive eyes, or maybe he enjoys the feeling of incognito that sunglasses give. He likes that no one can see where his eyes are looking or what sort of feelings are flickering in them. His mouth is slightly frowning, but his face is relaxed. He's not sad, but maybe a little bored. He is waiting and tired of waiting so his face has slouched into a frown.

Faces on a table:

A bit of a strange sight to be walking down the street and then beholding a table for of blank, expressionless faces. It look like the setting for an episode of the Twilight Zone where all the eyes on the faces would open when people were not watching and it would be a metaphor for living in a society where we are constantly watched both willingly (social media) and unwillingly (government overreach with spying for security purposes.)

Faces on the ground:

This was on the ground to warn people that there was a track for a trolley car in front of them, as to avoid anyone accidentally stepping in front of a trolley car, hurtling their way, and then meeting their doom. All official government signs should make 'Look' signs that turn the O's into eyeballs. If a 'look' sign just says 'look' you are liable to just ignore it, as it will so easy blend into the rest of humdrum blur of the day. But eyeballs catch one's attention!

Those are just a few of the faces of San Francisco!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Animal Facts: Grand and Stunning Giant Sloths

Prehistoric mammals like the giant sloth are pretty interesting! Once, they wandered this great earth, but now sadly they are extinct. Luckily, we can still appreciate their relatives, the sunny faced sloth. 

Here are some interesting facts about the giant sloth. 

-Back in the day when giant sloths still roamed this world, there was one giant sloth species that dove into the sea to find food. While in the sea with the ocean waves lapping above them and the seaweed swaying around them, these sloths used their claws to latch onto rocks. Then, they would peacefully munch upon sea algae. 

-Despite their ferociousness and grand size of the giant sloth, humans felt gutsy enough to hunt the great giant sloth. While now we have great reverence for our modern day sloth due to their smiling cuteness, back in ancient times, the sloth was seen as just another meal. But maybe, moments before sinking teeth into the sloth meal, they felt a twang of sadness that such an amazing creature must perish in order to feed the hungry humans. 

-The largest giant sloth was called the megatherium. Scientists have many theories to why this incredible creature became extinct. One theory is that they evolved on a glorious island with very few predators. They could wander around and bask in the freedom of safety without in anxiety of lurking creatures with sharp teeth. But then, when they migrated to different areas, they didn't have the instinct that other animals do to avoid predators and thus were easy pickings for hungry carnivores.